First National Meth Awareness Week in Progress

 What: The first national Meth Awareness Week

When: November 30 through December 7

Why: To combat the use and abuse of methamphetamine

Who: The observance is put together by the Meth Project, a prevention program of The Partnership at

We are in the midst of the first observance of National Meth Awareness Week. The week is dedicated to combating the use and abuse of methamphetamine in young adults and adults.

People in all sectors of our society are affected by meth use.

The drug is not limited to one age group, socioeconomic status or gender.

The U.S. Department of Justice states that meth is a challenge for our nation, noting that education is a vital part of prevention. People that understand just how destructive the drug is are less likely to use it.


Education and Prevention

You might be wondering how education can prevent meth use, especially in teens. Research backs up the use of education to prevent meth use. Real projects provide even more support.

The research-based program implemented in Montana proved effective. Teen meth use has dropped 63 percent. Meth-related crime is 62 percent less common than before the education program began. Those statistics are encouraging.

The program is being implemented in other states now. We’re eager to keep following the efforts to educate and prevent meth use. Every step toward prevention is worthwhile.

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