Finding Rehab for Your Drug-Using Teen

It’s one of the most dreaded days as a parent – the day you admit that your teen has a drug problem. Some parents pick up on the cues right away while others remain clueless (or in denial) for quite a while. However every parent that’s helped their teen on the road to drug recovery knows the feeling of that dreaded day… the day that the foot goes down and help is required.


Is your teen addicted to drugs? Find help today.

There are many programs out there to help teens addicted to drugs. Some are complementary social service groups that come free of charge. Others are intense rehab programs that cost about as much as a new car. The help you can get your teen will depend on the services provided in your local area, and your financial situation.

Steps to Rehab for your Teen

Whether you discovered texts, messages, emails or even actual evidence of drugs – when the day comes to confront your teen, have a plan in place. The firmer you are as a parent the better your process to rehabilitation will go. Don’t give options. Don’t give a way out. Require drug testing. And enforce a program for help.

Programs for Drug-Using Teens

Here are a few pointers for finding your teen help.

Alcoholics Anonymous for Teens

AA preaches that you’re never too young for addition to hit. Many who drink and use drugs began in their early teens. AA is a good resource for teens on drugs.

Read the AA for Teenagers pamphlet.

Hospital Programs for Teens

Many hospitals offer a variety of rehabilitation programs, many that are covered by insurance. Hospitals may offer:

  • Residential Short-Term Drug Rehab Programs
  • Residential Long-Term Drug Rehab Programs
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab
  • Hospitalization
  • Day Treatment

Drug Testing for Teens

Regular drug testing may or may not be part of your rehabilitation program. By implementing a required drug test for your addicted teen, you can provide accountability and prevent future use.

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