What to Do When You Find Drugs in Your Teen’s Room

As a parent, finding drugs in your teenager’s bedroom is probably one of many nightmare scenarios you hope will never occur. The fact is that teenage drug use is a widespread reality that you can’t afford to ignore.

In addition to talking seriously about the dangers and consequences of teenage drug use with your children, you also need to be prepared with what to do when you discover that your teen has been using or abusing drugs. Here are some tips for addressing teenage drug use when you find drugs in your teen’s room.

Evidence of Teenage Drug Use: What To Do

Take Action Now

When you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your teen’s room, it’s key to address the issue — and quickly. Too often parents dismiss teenage drug use as a part of life. By not taking action, parents normalize and implicitly support teenage drug use. Your teen will notice when you don’t take action right away, and their problem can worsen, leading to addiction, mental and emotional issues, and even legal problems.

Stay Calm

Kansas City | What to Do When You Find Drugs in Your Teen's RoomThough you should take action quickly when it comes to teenage drug use, be sure that you address it calmly and avoid overreaction or name-calling, which can lead to your teen rebelling or feeling isolated. Cool your head and talk to your partner or a close relative or friend before jumping immediately into a heated exchange with your child. You need to show your teen that you are supportive and that your concern comes from a place of love, not of judgment. Make it clear that you care about their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing — then let them know how you will be handling the issue moving forward.

Follow Through

It’s not enough to simply talk about the perils of teenage drug use — once you find that your teen has been experimenting with drugs, it’s important to follow through with the established consequences. This could involve grounding or restricted driving privileges, limited or restricted use of the internet, community service, or even therapy or rehab if the teenage drug use has escalated to that point. When your teen hears the plan of action and then actually sees you carrying it out, they’ll see that you’re serious about stopping their drug use — and they’ll be more committed to stopping, too.

Get Outside Help

Sometimes, teenage drug use necessitates outside help. If you feel that your teen’s drug use is serious enough to warrant medical attention like rehab or counseling, don’t hesitate to arrange it. You may fear that it will reflect poorly on your parenting, but the consequences will be more dire if you don’t pursue third party help now. Reach out to family doctors, school counselors, or addiction counselors to reinforce what you’ve taught your kids about teenage drug use.

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