Is Your Favorite College Team on Steroids?

With March Madness in full swing, it’s time to discuss steroid use among young athletes. In fact, if your favorite college team has a great season, do you find yourself questioning whether or not steroids were involved?

Just so parents and student athletes are clear on what steroids do to the body, let’s explore the side effects of extended steroid usage.

What Steroids Do to the Body

Here’s what anabolic steroids do to a male college athlete’s body:
  • Cause them to develop breasts.
  • Cause them to get painful erections.
  • Cause the testicles to shrink.
  • Cause sperm counts to lower.
  • Cause infertility.
  • Cause impotency.

Here’s what anabolic steroids do to a female college athlete’s body:

  • Grow extra facial and body hair.
  • Cause menstrual irregularities.
  • Cause the clitoris to become enlarged.
  • Reduces the size of the breasts.
  • Cause the uterus to be masculinized.

Other problems caused by steroid use include acne, heart attack, high risk of liver disease, and yellowing of the skin. Despite enhancing athletic performance, steroids are illegal and pose big health threats to the young athletes that use them. Colleges nationwide experience problems with sports teams use steroids.

Basketball TeamSteroid Scandals Involving College Teams

A few of the scandals involving college teams that came to a head recently include college football teams around the country. Schools punish offenders by forcing them to miss games, seek counseling or face suspension from college for abusing steroids. Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina, and UCLA are among the schools fighting college athlete steroid use.

The Consequences of Steroid Use

Although collegiate and professional teams are usually the ones dealing most with steroid use, the effects of these dangerous drugs don’t just impact the athletes using them. Teen athletes look up to college athletes. They want to train and play like their favorite players. They dream of playing on the collegiate and professional level, and think that steroid use is necessary to elevate their performance. That’s why many teen athletes start taking steroids at a very young age. It gives them time to “bulk” up and perform optimally — but can also have some of the dangerous side effects explored above.

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