Family of Overland Park Man Sues Allegedly Drunk Teen Who Hit and Killed Him

Kevin P. Moroney of Overland Park, KS was tragically killed on August 7, 2014 after a car driven by 17-year-old Conner Estrella struck him.

In September, Estrella was charged with involuntary manslaughter as well as one count of aggravated battery — his girlfriend was seriously injured in the crash, too. Prosecutors filed a special motion requesting that Estrella be charged as an adult.

Now, Moroney’s adult children have also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Estrella and his parents, highlighting the need for parents to pay more attention to their teens’ substance use.

Overland Park Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After Drunk Driving Accident

Although the criminal case against Estrella is pending, the charges against him allege his blood alcohol content was past the legal limit.

The Moroney family hopes that the lawsuit will make more people aware about the frequency of dangerous teenage drinking and driving.

In their statement, the family noted, “Too often recently, teenage drinking has resulted in injuries and deaths to teens and innocent bystanders in our community. And too often, some parents have turned a blind eye to what is becoming a dangerous epidemic.”

According to the lawsuit, Conner Estrella’s parents Benjamin and Suzanne showed negligence when allowing their son to drive, due to his past history of substance abuse and his current probationary status. The teen was on a court-imposed curfew of 9:30 PM due to involvement in a previous battery case. He was also mandated not the drink alcohol or even attend parties at which drugs or alcohol were present.

Estrella broke both of these mandates on the night of August 7, consuming alcohol and perhaps even some drugs at a house party, then taking the wheel two hours past his curfew to drive home.

The Moroney family says that the Estrellas should have known more about their son’s whereabouts and the terms of his probation. If the lawsuit goes to trial, we’ll see if a judge supports their view, too.

Parents: Don’t Let This Happen to You.

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