Could Experimental Drug Use Become a Problem For Your Teen?

Many teens dabble in experimental drug use, and yet some go on to lead normal, productive lives while others become drug users for life.

What separates the two groups, and how can parents help ensure that if their children ever do get involved in teen drug use, that they will be able to pull themselves out of it?

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City is exploring what makes some teens unable to step away from experimental drug use.

What Turns Experimental Drug Use Habitual?

While many have believed in the past that whether or not experimental drug use progressed into addictive drug use was a matter of chance, new research shows that there may be a predictive factor in play after all: memory.
According to an article on, author Atika Khurana and her team found that whether or not a teen’s experimental drug use turned into habitual teen drug use could be predicted in light of the teen’s executive memory. In other words, teens who were better able to focus on their goals and use their willpower to redirect their attention were far less likely to fall victim to the harmful risks of experimental drug use.

What can parents learn from this?Kansas City | Could Experimental Drug Use Become a Problem For Your Teen?

While this study does not mean that teens who have excellent executive memory should be free to go and engage in experimental drug use since they are less likely to fall prone to habitual and problematic teen drug use, the findings do give parents a tool that they can use to discourage their teen from becoming enslaved to teen drug use.

Knowing the importance of executive memory in teen drug use, parents can begin working with their children from their toddler years (as the study experts recommend), helping them develop willpower and set and reach their goals. Cognitive stimulation can also help children develop the executive memory they need to prevent experimental drug use from turning into habitual teen drug use.

Of course, the “Just Say No” drug talk is very important too. Knowing this link is simply an extra tool that parents have in their drug prevention toolbox, and when it comes to teen drug use, parents are happy to have any tool that they can find.

Drug Testing With Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

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