Even The Brightest Teens Can Fall Victim to Drug Use

Even the brightest teens aren't exempt from drug use.

Culturally it’s often thought that teens who use drugs come from poor socio-economic backgrounds. Those with low-IQs and poor grades or those who are disorderly are linked to drug use. But a recent study found that kids with some of the highest IQ’s can fall victim to drug use later in life. Thus proving the potential for drug use among teens crosses many of our preconceived notions.

Smarter But Not Immune

The study followed 8,000 British men and women for three decades. Children were evaluated at ages 5, 10, 16 and 30 and segmented based on their IQ. “At age 30, women with high IQ scores were more than twice as likely as low-IQ women to have used marijuana or cocaine in the prior year, while men with high IQs were 46% more likely to have used amphetamines and 65% more likely to have used ecstasy than their low-IQ counterparts.” This didn’t however catch the doctors off guard as those with high IQs are often thrill seekers and open to trying new things. It appears that while some teens are smarter, their intelligence works against them as their need for stimulation can trump better judgement.

Start the Conversation Early

Creating an environment where teens can talk openly about pressures and dangers of drug use is important. It’s vital that parents lay the groundwork to create an environment that is open, free and honest. There are a variety of tips to learning how to talk to your kids about sensitive issues before they become teens. With a little work and some intentionality you can create clear lines of communication that will open up tremendous opportunities when they enter the teen years.

Peace of Mind

If talking with your teen is not possible, there are no clear lines of communication and there are concerns about drug use – private drug testing is available. While this could impact the level of trust between parent and teen there is no better way to determine if drugs are present than a drug screen. Several tests including hair, urine and skin-patch tests will screen for a variety of drugs. The screening and results are private and flexible scheduling is available. While no parent ever wants to take their teen in for drug testing it can establish a peace of mind that could benefit the relationship. A parent knows that no drugs are present and a teen has the satisfaction of proving they are indeed drug free.

Today there are many misconceptions about drug use and teens. But as this latest research proves no one is exempt. Even the brightest teens are susceptible to drug use and at times are at greater risk because of their natural desire to be stimulated. Start the conversation early and if a great relationship isn’t possible and there is no other option, know that you have the peace of mind with private drug testing available locally.

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