Encouraging Your Kids to Handle Peer Pressure

In our society, the masses tend to make the moves, and most of us follow. Peer pressure is a tiny example of the way our society generally works.

Peer pressure is a daily reality for most children and teens. Your children are preparing for the new school year where they will face daily pressure from their classmates and friends. The type of pressure they experience during the school year is unlike that during the summer.

As you help your children prepare for the new school year, be aware of what they are stepping into. Students have a natural tendency to seek acceptance and approval from their friends. We all are familiar with the temptations to try drugs and alcohol among other risky behaviors.

school peer pressure

As a parent, it’s your duty to build strong morals and values in your children so they are not easily influenced. Here is some advice for handling the difficult task of gearing up your children to handle peer pressure effectively.

Self confidence

The biggest challenger of peer pressure is self confidence. Building your children’s self confidence must be a continual process, starting from birth. Children with strong self confidence are more able to fight the battles they face.This does not mean that you leave them completely to their own devices. You should be present and beside them through their challenges, but make sure they project confidence.

Get to know their peers

Knowing and taking interest in your child’s friends can really help you understand your child’s psyche. If your child has formed a strong circle of good friends, rest assured half of your worries are over. Good company can set good impressions and help you advocate the right kind of values.

Tell them what’s right and what’s wrong

If you really want to make sure your children don’t end up under the influence of drugs and alcohol, its best to be open and tell them the harmful effects of what can happen if they consume such things. Discussing these things openly and often with your children will reinforce the values you model daily.

Teach your children how to say no

Peer pressure works on the concept of mentally and emotionally pressuring a person to give in. If you encourage your children to feel comfortable saying no, they can learn how to confidently make their own decisions.

Talk to other parents to learn about situations

You can learn a lot from friends who are raising children. Talk to other parents to figure out some of the situations they may have faced with their children and how they handled everything. This can not only help you share ideas, but also to understand your child’s situation and experience.

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