Drugs disappoint hopeful LS West fans, parents

Disappointing news came from the Missouri-side of the state this week. A top football player at LS West, and one of the most hopeful prospects being recruited, was arrested after resisting law enforcement who found drugs in his car. Students are upset at what this means for their football team and the opportunity to have one of their own “make it big.” While the jury’s out on what the arrest and suspension means for this student, one thing is clear – drugs at school and student athletes in possession of marijuana will not be tolerated.

The school’s appropriate response to drugs

LS West player arrested … had drugs in his car.

My team at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City would like to give props to the administrators at Lee’s Summit West for doing the right thing, although it might bring unwanted repercussions. It would have been easy to overlook the behaviors or suspicions that a top player was using or in possession of drugs. Especially a player who carries the prospect of bringing fame and attention to the school and its athletic programs. However, the school stood by its drug and alcohol policy:

Any student in possession of, buying, under the influence of, or using a controlled substance, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, mood altering chemicals or nonprescription drugs, or any student who represents any substance as one of the above, will be suspended for up to ten days with a possible referral to the Superintendent, which could result in a suspension of up to 180 days. (From the LS West Student handbook).

The player’s mistaken response to law enforcement

What’s sad about this story isn’t just that drugs were found in this student athlete’s car – it’s that he resisted authorities and ended up getting arrested. Although he might be a superstar on the football field, life and reality came rushing in this week as his photo was plastered in newspapers and on TV stations for his unfortunate bad decision. We’d recommend that he reads up on other football players like Ricky Williams who also thought he was above the law and had his career jeopardized based on poor decisions.

Facebook responses of both students and alum of the school ranged from being angry and upset at the player for making such a bad decision to angry at the school because “marijuana isn’t that big of deal.” Seems like the report that many high school students are trying marijuana is ringing all too true this week with supporters of the player discounting the dangers of weed.

Drugs have no place in high school sports

This local story reinforces that drugs have no place in high school sports – even if they’re sitting in a player’s parked car. School districts are encouraged to follow the example of LS West and have a no-tolerance policy for any student to be in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol – particularly on school property. If you’re a school in the KC area and need a reliable drug testing partner, please contact my team.

Drugs are a big deal and they must be kept out of the schools. Good job to LS West for ensuring that was the case with their school this week – even with what it may have just cost them and their football team.

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