Drug Monitoring is No Sweat with the Sweat Patch

Suspecting teen drug use is one of the most nerve-wrecking phases of parenting. And if those suspicions are true, things can get even harder. It’s enough to wonder if your teens are doing drugs, but what to do when their use is confirmed is a whole different ballgame. Luckily there are some tools out there to help. And the sweat patch is a great new testing mechanism AND drug deterrent for your teen.

What is the Sweat Patch for Drug Testing?

sweat-patch-teen-drugs.jpgThe sweat patch looks similar to any other topical patch worn on the body. Smokers might think it resembles the nicotine patch, menopausal women might think it’s estrogen. But in all actuality, it’s a patch that collects sweat from the body and is used to determine if the wearer has used drugs.

The patch is worn 24/7, even while swimming and bathing. It’s adhered to the upper arm through a sticky plastic, and each patch carries a unique serial number. The patch is tamper-evident and the test cannot be cheated.

A trained clinician (like those from our drug testing lab) will handle removing the patch and sending it for analysis. The sweat collected can be tested for cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP and marijuana.

Why the Patch over Regular Drug Testing?

Not only is the sweat patch tamper-evident, but it’s also a drug deterrent. Think about it – you require your teen to wear a drug patch. He cannot remove it or try to tamper with it because you’ll know he’s up to something immediately. If he does remove it, the plastic will not re-adhere. And if he tries to swap it out, when you go in for testing, the serial numbers won’t match. So – he is stuck wearing it. And while he is stuck wearing it, he has a choice to make. Do drugs & be caught. Or, avoid drugs and have a clean patch. The choice is his.

We’ve seen many parents who are pleased with this option as it provides a way to monitor drug use 24/7. It might not always address the bigger picture as to why teens are doing drugs in the first place, but it’s a great staring point at getting a handle on the situation and actually doing SOMETHING to help.

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