What Drug Abuse Does to a Teen’s Brain

Drug Abuse Teen Brain

Since the brain continues to develop throughout a person’s twenties, it’s important to understand what that means for drug abuse and alcohol abuse in teenagers. Through the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, experts are able to determine how substance abuse affects a young man or young woman’s development.

This study aims to find similarities in brain functioning among substance abusers so researchers are able to formulate a plan that discourages and reduces risky behavior in teenagers.

Here’s what parents should know about the researchers’ findings thus far.

Drug Abuse & the Teen Brain

Over 10,000 kids aged nine and ten years old will participate in the program. By tracking their behavior throughout the years, researchers are able to learn valuable insight as to how the brain functions.

Aside from the information gathered about drug abuse and alcohol abuse, experts are able to determine if other factors contribute to a person’s cognitive development including how much time they spend looking at computer and mobile screens, whether or not a sports injury affects their ability to think rationally, and how lack of sleep affects their ability to concentrate and perform well in school.

Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

Some of the areas of study directly related to substance abuse include how drugs, alcohol, and tobacco affect mental illness. Also, researchers want to know how genes contribute to drug abuse and alcohol abuse in teens. A study of ‘gateway’ drugs gives experts more information about why drug abuse and alcohol abuse in high school is prevalent.

Other Things Affected by Drug & Alcohol Abuse

The ABCD Study’s goal is to pinpoint factors that contribute to drug abuse and alcohol abuse in young people. It seeks to address the factors and influences that contribute to cognitive development issues in teenagers. By studying people at a young age, they’re able to monitor their environment and see how things such as hereditary, socialization, stress, and study habits affect the child and whether or not they have anything to do with their drug abuse and alcohol abuse problems.

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