Does Your Teen Have a Fake ID?

Some teens will go to great lengths to get their hands on alcohol. They’ve found ways to buy alcohol online, get it from siblings and friends, and share it at parties. One of the most common ways teens get alcohol is by using a fake ID.

Fake IDs have gone through transformation in recent years. Getting a fake ID is as easy as asking an older sibling or hopping online and doing a search. It isn’t hard to find a website listing fake IDs for sale. Teens can use their own picture and information and find high quality printers that produce official-looking documents. Other teens find old IDS as their key to beer and the bars.

Since teens can access fake IDs pretty easily, it’s important to be aware if your teen has one or is trying to get one. Now, we aren’t saying that fake IDs always work — your teen may have a fake ID that wouldn’t pass by a bartender or store clerk. However, many teens do get lucky with their fake IDs. We’ll share a few things to look for to figure out if your teen has or uses a fake ID.

Fake IDs: Serious Businessteens bartender

Many teens don’t think that using a fake ID is a very risky idea. The penalties differ in each state, but the user might have a punishment between a $500 misdemeanor and a charge of criminal impersonation or forgery. Most laws will suspend the minor’s drivers license after an attempt to purchase alcohol with a fake ID.

Finding Fake IDs: Things to Look for

Respecting your teen’s space and property is important, but parents have to step outside these boundaries occasionally in order to protect their teens. If you do have serious concerns or notice warning signs that your teen is using a fake ID to buy alcohol, you may want to look for receipts from grocery stores or check their car for stowed alcohol. You don’t have to search your teen’s property, but know that there are times when it is a good idea.

You can find our full list of things to look for to find out if your teen has a fake ID. If you’re still concerned about your teen and a potential drinking problems, contact Test Smartly Labs.

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