Does My Teenager have a Drug Problem?

Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook. To be the best parent you can, you will need to compile your own style of parenting. Every parent has a different outlook — but all parents face the same issues as their children grow.

Common Challenges: Teen Drug Problems

One common concern rises as children hit the teenage years. Parents across the country are worried about possible drug use. If you’re not currently worried about your teens having a drug problem, you may find this list of signs useful in the future.

Teens are susceptible to falling into consistent drug use.  Natural hormonal changes and peer pressure combine to create a dangerous environment for many teenagers. While many avoid drugs and alcohol completely, many others experiment, and a fraction of those teens may develop a serious drug problem.

Teen Drug Use: What to Look For

Teen drug use is not always easy to detect. All teens will exhibit different behavior if they have a potential drug problem, but there are several common threads. Pay attention to these factors as you try to determine if your teens or other friends and family members have a drug problem.

These are some of the most common symptoms and signs of a teenage drug problem:

Complaints from School Administrationteen talking to parent

You might get reports that your child is skipping classes or skipping school. A child that was once interested in school and involved in activities may suddenly become disinterested or see a drastic drop in grades. Pay attention to your teen’s grades and attitude toward extracurricular activities. Teens with drug problems often lose interest in things they once enjoyed.

Physical Signs of a Drug Problem

Depending on the type of drug, you might notice a decrease in energy, loss of appetite, runny nose, skin discoloration, excessive sweating, vomiting and nausea among many other signs.

Behavioral Changes

Teens like privacy, but extra effort to keep their privacy is one behavior to watch. Teens with a drug problem may keep their plans with friends a secret, block family members from entering their room, or be vague when describing what they’ve been doing.

Excessive Spending

Most teens occasionally ask for money. However, teens who are desperate to fund their addiction may ask for money with no real reason. Some teens may even resort to stealing money or selling items for the cash.

What to do

These are just a few common behaviors of teens that have drug problems. Teens who do not use drugs may display these habits, while other teens may use drugs without showing these signs. One of the most accurate ways to detect a drug problem is drug testing.

Identifying the problem early can help you take the right action. The longer the problem persists, the more dangerous the addiction becomes for you and your teenager. Drug testing is a reliable way to detect abuse and help your teen overcome the battle soon. For reliable drug testing in the Kansas City area, contact Test Smartly Labs.

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