Districts Nationwide Are Contemplating School Drug Testing – Should Yours?

If you’re a school administrator contemplating drug testing for academic or athletic purposes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve noticed an influx of interest in drug testing for academics and athletics recently, not just in the Kansas City metro area, but nationwide.

We are rounding up some information on school drug testing from around the US — and in our next post, we’ll share the key components of any school drug testing program.

Student Drug Testing Grows in Popularity Nationwide

VirginiaBaseball Player

The school board in Tazewell County, Virginia recently passed a random drug testing policy.

The unanimous decision was made to deter student athletes from bowing to peer pressure to try drugs. Their policy is currently in effect, so students will be tested when the next round of activities begins.

Since the schools in the district already drug test for employees and bush drivers, making the leap to student drug testing was only logical.

The school board hopes that by catching drug use when it begins, the student drug testing program can help teens get the substance abuse treatment they need so that usage doesn’t become habitual. Students won’t be prosecuted, but will face disciplinary action.


The Laguna Niguel City Council decided to set aside $8,000 to fund a voluntary student drug testing program at Aliso Niguel High School in Orange County, California.

Part of the drug-prevention program at the school, the regularly drug testing is another attempt to deter student drug use and encourage more student-parent communication. Parents and students will be required to sign up for the program together, which will open the door for a candid dialogue about substance use.


Vero Beach, Florida students may also soon be subject to random student drug testing.

Student athletes won’t be the only ones tested; administrators are hoping that they can be proactive and prevent all students from mimicking the drug use that celebrities and other figures too-often model.

The student drug testing program at Indian River district schools would involve random drug testing for any student involved in after-school activities, from drama to dance team to debate. 10% of students involved in extracurriculars would be tested.

The proposed program comes after allegations that the Miami Biogenesis clinic — known to supply steroids to Major League Baseball stars like Alex Rodriguez — had also provided some high school players with performance-enhancing drugs.

Schools in Sebastian, FL, also part of the Indian River County school system, have had a student drug testing program for over 18 years. If the Vero Beach High School program is put in place, student drug testing may go district-wide.

Those who test positive under this student drug testing program wouldn’t have to worry about it showing up on their record — the program is not punitive, but intended to identify and help students with drug problems.

Student Drug Testing With Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

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Stay tuned for our next post, in which we’ll explore the necessary components for an effective student drug testing program!



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