DEA Cracks Down on Illegal Synthetic Drug Use

For the last couple of years, people who wanted to do drugs like marijuana without risking steep fines and penalties have turned to synthetic drugs as a less risky solution. Synthetic drugs such as K2, molly, and spice mimic the affects of drugs like marijuana without actually being made from the marijuana plant. As a result, they are often legal and widely available for purchase.

The legality of synthetic drugs doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous, however. Synthetic drugs have caused fatalities right here in the Kansas City area. That’s why lawmakers and law enforcement in Kansas City and across the country have tried to control their sale. A recent nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs has brought the substances into the limelight once more.

Here’s what you need to know about synthetic drugs and the legal fight against them.

The Fight Against Synthetic Drugs

Why Are Synthetic Drugs Legal?

Synthetic drugs aren’t legal because they have been approved for human consumption. Rather, they are only legal because lawmakers have had a hard time outlawing all of them. Synthetic drug scientists frequently alter their recipes to change the ingredients, and lawmakers often have a hard time keeping up. As a result, people are able to purchase harmful synthetic drugs without worrying about being caught and arrested.

What Makes Synthetic Drugs Dangerous?

Many people wrongfully assume that because a drug is legal, it must be safe, but this could not be further from the truth. These drugs have not been tested, and no one knows how safe they are. Synthetic drugs aren’t regulated, and their ingredient lists can vary widely among makers. They aren’t labeled, and they don’t come in standard strengths, making them more dangerous than manufacturers and sellers suggest.

How Are Lawmakers Responding?Kansas City | DEA Cracks Down on Synthetic Drugs

In an effort to reduce the number of illegal synthetic drugs available in the United States, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has recently started cracking down on the sale and possession of synthetic drugs. A series of raids was conducted on Wednesday, May 7 in 29 states including Missouri and neighboring states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Overall, the DEA served 200 warrants and arrested 150 people in connection with synthetic drugs. They also confiscated a large quantity of synthetic drugs — over hundreds of thousands of prepackaged substances, and hundreds of kilograms of raw synthetic drugs.

The DEA hopes that the recent raids will help decrease the amount of synthetic drugs for sale in the United States as well as the number of people who die from taking synthetics each year.

Confidential Testing for Synthetic Drugs at Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City

Hopefully, the recent raids have helped the DEA and local law enforcement better control the sale of synthetic drugs. In the mean time, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City offers walk-in drug testing services, including screening for synthetic drugs.

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