The Scary Gender Disparity Associated with Opioid Abuse

A recent study found that women run a higher risk of having certain traits that lead to opioid overdose, such as depression, anxiety, and other factors. These factors demonstrate to researchers that while women are not necessarily more susceptible to drug overdose for other reasons, there are more stressors associated with women that could lead to opioid overdose. If you notice some of these traits in your teen daughter, contact Test Smartly Labs immediately to schedule a drug test for your teen.
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42% of Millennials Know Someone Who is Addicted to Opioids

A recent poll found that 42% of millennials know someone who has struggled with opioid addiction. This is a scary number when you consider that opioid use and addiction to other illegal substances are highly correlated events. Find out what this growing epidemic means for coming generations, and what we can do to slow the tide. Continue reading “42% of Millennials Know Someone Who is Addicted to Opioids” »

Should Teen Athletes Be Prescribed Painkillers?

Young athletes at the peak of their performance are often told to push through the pain of an injury. This usually means popping more and more prescription painkillers every day. Experts believe that the 22,000 Americans dying each year due to painkiller addiction (National Safety Council) are athletes who got hooked after suffering injuries. Continue reading “Should Teen Athletes Be Prescribed Painkillers?” »