Teen Drug Abuse & Delinquency Drop Over the Past Decade

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have analyzed over a decade of data and come to a surprising conclusion. The results of the national survey indicate that teens have become far less likely to abuse alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs; they’re also less likely to engage in delinquent behaviors, like fighting or stealing. Continue reading “Teen Drug Abuse & Delinquency Drop Over the Past Decade” »

The Consequences of Adolescent Drug Abuse


The age of adolescence, between 13-18, when a person will undergo physiological and psychological changes is an extraordinarily important time. A time to explore new ideas, beliefs and develop unique personalities but, sometimes, this branching out from a comfort zone can lead to risky new territories. Experimentation gone too far can wreak havoc on a brain that is still in development. Continue reading “The Consequences of Adolescent Drug Abuse” »

Could Experimental Drug Use Become a Problem For Your Teen?

Many teens dabble in experimental drug use, and yet some go on to lead normal, productive lives while others become drug users for life.

What separates the two groups, and how can parents help ensure that if their children ever do get involved in teen drug use, that they will be able to pull themselves out of it?

ARCpoint Labs of Kansas City is exploring what makes some teens unable to step away from experimental drug use.

Continue reading “Could Experimental Drug Use Become a Problem For Your Teen?” »