Modern Teen Drug Use: Signs & Slang


You are never going to know every term for drugs or recognize all of the signs of abuse, but it is important as a parent or guardian that you stay as up-to-date as you can. Parents: this is important information, keep reading. Continue reading “Modern Teen Drug Use: Signs & Slang” »

Understanding Teenage Drug Slang

Just like any language and culture, there is unique terminology when it comes to drug users. The terms for using drugs and different drug forms are unending. Although one individual will never know all of the drug terms for each drug and drug user, it’s important for parents to know where to go to understand the “drug slang” so that you can know what your teen is referring to if they are talking about strange topics or acting questionably.


"Bath Salts" at head shops are a drug teenagers use

Finding Drug Slang Dictionaries

You may remember some slang drug terms from back in your day like potlicker, mary jane, Aunt Mary, amp, cheeba and more. These days, there are at least 500 ways to refer to each drug, and even more to explain how the drug is used.

For parents hoping to get a better understanding for common drug terminology, we recommend using several online resources. Just google “Drug Slang” and hundreds of websites will populate with drug slang dictionaries and more. From our research, here are some very helpful tools:

Have no idea what your teen just said? Use the Drug Slang translator.

A great PDF that lists several slang words used for each narcotic.

Drug Slang & Street Terms Dictionary

2010 Most Common Drug Slang Terms

There are thousands of words when it comes to drug slang words. We recommend using a drug slang dictionary to inform yourself about more common terms for drugs. But it’s also good to know some of the most popular drugs that teens may be experimenting with and talking about.

Synthetic Drugs

A recent trend in teenage drug usage is synthetic drug use, which comes in the form of “fake pot, or K2” and bath salts. Synthetic drugs are easy to find, and sold at many head shops under the guise of “herbal incense” or “bath salts.” Synthetic drug use is dangerous and must be stopped if you suspect your child is using synthetic drugs.

Most Popular Drug Terms

In 2010, determined the most popular drugs that were circulating around drug users last year. They include:

Cheese | Strawberry Quick | Blueberries | Molly | Eggs | French Fries | Cornbread | Butter Sandwich | Skittles | Tic Tacs

See what all of these popular drug slang terms mean.

If you’re like most parents, hearing your teen discuss common foods may not be a signal for drug use, but knowing these terms refer to popular teen drugs and prescription drugs will help you be more informed and aware of your teen’s experimentation.

Need Help Knowing a Drug Slang Term?

Knowing some popular slang terms for the drugs popular among teenagers will help you parent better and protect your kids.Please contact us if you hear a term and cannot find a definition, we can help you discover what your teenager may be referring to if they are using slang drug terms.