Scientists May Have Found a Way to Prevent Drug Relapse

Researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has recently identified which brain circuit is involved in a drug use relapse when effective behavioral treatments for drug addiction (contingency management) have been discontinued. Continue reading “Scientists May Have Found a Way to Prevent Drug Relapse” »

Protecting Your Teen from Fentanyl: Here’s What You Need to Know

Opioid use has grown rapidly among teen and young adults in the United States. Parents need to learn how to recognize the signs of prescription drug abuse, but there’s an even more dangerous killer on the loose: fentanyl. Understanding the risks of fentanyl and its effect can help parents educate their teens on staying away from this deadly drug.  Continue reading “Protecting Your Teen from Fentanyl: Here’s What You Need to Know” »

Should Teen Athletes Be Prescribed Painkillers?

Young athletes at the peak of their performance are often told to push through the pain of an injury. This usually means popping more and more prescription painkillers every day. Experts believe that the 22,000 Americans dying each year due to painkiller addiction (National Safety Council) are athletes who got hooked after suffering injuries. Continue reading “Should Teen Athletes Be Prescribed Painkillers?” »

Teen Suspended for Unidentified Illness

A Pasadena Independent School District student was suspended for allegedly using drugs. Police officers came to the school and administered the pen test and a balance test, concluding that the student was under the influence of an unidentified substance. Continue reading “Teen Suspended for Unidentified Illness” »