Opioid Abuse in North Carolina’s Middle Schools

It is shocking that students are abusing drugs at younger and younger ages. Students in middle and high school across North Carolina’s Piedmont region are addicted to powerfully potent drugs. So much so that school resource officers said they’ve caught them getting high in class with their teacher in the room. Continue reading “Opioid Abuse in North Carolina’s Middle Schools” »

Teen Drug Abuse & Delinquency Drop Over the Past Decade

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have analyzed over a decade of data and come to a surprising conclusion. The results of the national survey indicate that teens have become far less likely to abuse alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs; they’re also less likely to engage in delinquent behaviors, like fighting or stealing. Continue reading “Teen Drug Abuse & Delinquency Drop Over the Past Decade” »

Drug Abuse, Risky Sexual Behavior & STDs

As teenagers and college students settle back into the school routine and make new friends, they may begin to have new interests. While sports and art are great activities to participate in, a portion of teens and young adults will engage in using drugs and alcohol. Continue reading “Drug Abuse, Risky Sexual Behavior & STDs” »

A New Approach to Preventing Continued Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse has been a difficult problem to prevent for a while. Drug abuse in adolescence often results to a continued dependency in adulthood. New research from a long-term study done by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that programs geared towards improved impulse control are the best method to prevent teen substance abuse. Continue reading “A New Approach to Preventing Continued Drug Abuse” »

Social Media’s Heavy-Handed Influence on Teen Drug Abuse

Snapchat and Instagram were named the most important social media apps by teens, followed closely by Facebook. Teens want to impress their friends, as well as strangers, online through social media by looking like they have a more exciting life. Social media just might be the most powerful, albeit inadvertent, form of peer pressure yet. Continue reading “Social Media’s Heavy-Handed Influence on Teen Drug Abuse” »

A Guide for Parents: Preventing Alcohol Use During the Holidays


On an average day in June, July and December, over 11,000 teens will use alcohol for the first time. This is about double the amount in other months. One thing these months have in common is that these are school-free vacation times. If you have teenagers, you might be worried about leaving them home alone while you are at work, out shopping or a party at night. Whether your child has had drug and alcohol trouble before or not, you want to make sure they are safe when you’re away. Continue reading “A Guide for Parents: Preventing Alcohol Use During the Holidays” »

Teens’ Mental Health Factors in Drug Abuse & STD Risks


Scientists are exploring the intersection between mental illness, drug abuse and the transmission of STDs. It’s difficult to say where such problems begin or which one arises first. Each case is unique, and recovery may depend upon concurrently treating STDs, mental illness and drug abuse. Continue reading “Teens’ Mental Health Factors in Drug Abuse & STD Risks” »

Drug and Alcohol Users More Susceptible to Sexually Transmitted Disease

stop-teen-drugs-stdsPeople who engage in alcohol or drug abuse are putting their health in jeopardy. Substance abuse can damage almost every organ, and even a short period of using drugs and alcohol can have a long-term impact. As well as the problems caused by alcohol or drugs, there are additional risks associated with the lifestyle of substance abuse. One of these dangers is sexually transmitted disease.

Reasons why substance abusers are more susceptible to STDs including:

  • When people are intoxicated or have a lifestyle of drug abuse, they are more likely to make regrettable decisions such as engaging in unprotected sex.
  • Alcohol and drug use lowers inhibitions and this can make people more promiscuous, and so are those they are having unsafe sex with.
  • The addictive personality includes a number of characteristics that substance abusers tend to share and one of these traits is risk taking. This type of individual is likely to be less cautious when it comes to protection and are more likely to catch STDs.
  • Not only are addicts more likely to catch sexually transmitted disease but they are also more likely to ignore the symptoms. This means that treatable diseases can progress for longer and cause more damage.
  • If a substance abuser is being treated for an STD, their alcohol and drug use may interfere with their treatment as they may not take medication as directed.

How to Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are things that people can do to reduce their risk of catching sexually transmitted such as:

  • Stay with one partner and avoid one night stands.
  • Use a condom consistently. The individual only has to have unprotected sex once for them to catch an STD.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that condoms are not 100% effective at preventing STDs.
  • It is recommended that those who are sexually active get regularly tested for STDs.
  • People should avoid intoxication as this increases the likelihood that they will engage in high risk activities such as unprotected sex with strangers.
  • It is important to keep in mind that there are often no visual clues that indicate another person has an STD.

Treatment for STDs

Many STDs can be cured with a course of antibiotics, but some have no cure. Too many people ignore the symptoms of STDs, allowing them to progress and cause damage in the body. Ignoring the symptoms may be due to embarrassment or just lack of knowledge about the risks involved. Addicts are most at risk of ignoring the symptoms of sexually transmitted disease, and they are also highly likely to spread them. It is essential that anyone who is experiencing suspicious symptoms seek a professional opinion as soon as possible.

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Behaviors Linked to Binge Drinking in College Students

Sometimes it seems as though binge drinking and college go hand-in-hand. Little scientific research has been done regarding the subject. However, Florida Atlantic University recently conducted a study aimed at discovering what behavior shows a tendency toward binge drinking.

The results are interesting, and may help parents be better prepared to provide guidance to college students.

Continue reading “Behaviors Linked to Binge Drinking in College Students” »

When is Your Teen Ready to be Home Alone?

At some point, all parents are confronted with the question of whether or not their teen is ready to be left at home alone.

While some adults might think that good grades are an indicator that their child is ready to be more independent, there are actually other things to consider. That’s because being home alone is often a precursor to engaging in risky behavior.

If you’re considering whether your teen is ready to stay at home unsupervised, be sure you consider the following factors.

Continue reading “When is Your Teen Ready to be Home Alone?” »