What’s The Big Deal about Bath Salts?

Synthetic drugs may seem less serious than their real counterparts, but that’s simply not the case. Teens using bath salts may try to convince their parents that the drug is harmless because it is easy to obtain them in some stores or via online merchants. However, these synthetic drugs are very dangerous, so much so that the DEA has released a ban on bath salts.

DEA Extended Ban on Bath Salts

In the last few years, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) extended its ban on five synthetic substances including compounds of fake pot (K2) and all salts and isomers which are made from them. The DEA pushed for these synthetics to be added to the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances Act (CSA) which is the highest restriction on drug compounds. Schedule 1 narcotics are banned in all uses, including medicinal.

Early findings show that bath salts and other synthetic compounds are extremely hazardous for users and are highly addictive. In 2011, when the DEA began this crackdown on synthetics, the administration used emergency scheduling authority to ban compounds from being produced and sold for at least six months. Even though rule makers were still deliberating, the DEA recognized that these drugs were bad news for the community.

How can I prevent my teen from using synthetic drugs?

The most dangerous aspect of bath salts is that they used to be marked as “legal” and were available in many U.S. retail stores. Teens could easily access them and easily get addicted.  More ER cases and more drug-related issues led to higher restrictions, and an eventual ban, on synthetic drugs. Just one quick search on Google, however, will show you that bath salts are still easy to obtain.

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