Beat the Cheat: Advantages of Lab-Based Oral Drug Tests

There are many reliable drug tests that can be used to confirm your suspicions when you think your teen might be using drugs. Urine testing, hair follicle testing, oral fluid testing, fingernail testing, and sweat patch drug testing are among the most common types of drug tests used today, and most come in both instant and lab-based forms.

Although the convenience and speed may make instant tests seem more appealing to parents, there are several reasons why instant saliva tests in particular aren’t the best option when it comes to screening your teen. These instant tests are not as sensitive as they need to be, meaning teens can find ways to cheat them.

How can you beat the cheat and make sure that drug tests catch your teen’s drug use? We recommend forgoing instant saliva drug tests and option for the lab-based option instead. Here are the benefits to lab-based oral drug tests.

Why Lab-Based Oral Drug Tests Are the Best

They’re Harder to Cheat

Lab-based oral drug tests are more sensitive than their instant counterparts, meaning they’re better-suited for catching drug use in the first place. Additionally, since the lab-based tests are an observed collection, they are harder for your teen to cheat. There’s no swapping urine samples as in a urine-based test, because the collector is the one to insert the swab and get the material.

They’re Still ConvenientKansas City | Benefits of Lab-Based Oral Drug Tests

The word “instant” might make you think that the instant drug tests are the easiest option, but in reality lab-based oral tests are just as convenient. Since they are oral tests that can be administered anywhere by our trained collectors, then sent to a lab for testing, lab-based oral tests offer the same convenience as instant screens. There’s no need for a bathroom — the collector simply places a pad inside of the subject’s cheek for 2-5 minutes to collect the saliva specimen.

They’re Affordable

With all the advantages they have over instant screens, lab-based oral drug tests must be much more expensive, right? Wrong. Lab-based tests are only $30 more than their instant counterparts, making them an accurate, affordable way to beat the cheat.

Get Lab-Based Drug Tests in Kansas City

Ensuring that your teen isn’t cheating their drug tests is very important. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City provides a variety of drug tests, including lab-based oral testing to ensure that you get accurate results every time.

To learn more about our lab-based drug tests, call Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City at (816) 875-0464.

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