Be Thankful You’ve Stayed Away From Drugs

Hey Teenagers!

We’ve got some good news.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  It’s a chance to look at the things you have and be thankful for them, whether it’s your family, your friends, your success, or maybe the opportunity to eat a large amount of great food.  We’ve got something else you can be thankful for you:  You’ve stayed away from drugs and alcohol.

Avoided Opportunities To Use Drugs

Thanksgiving-DinnerTeenagers have countless opportunities to try drugs. Maybe you’ve been introduced by school friends or older siblings. Others probably seek them out.  Peer pressure can also lead down the wrong path. But if you are a drug-free teen, you’ve successfully avoided all of that.  You already have a leg up.  While other teens are risking their health, safety, and reputation doing things they weren’t supposed to, you were keeping your head on straight and making smart decisions.  The ability to say no to peer pressure is something that deserves a pat on the back.

Self-Esteem is a Big Part of Staying Drug-Free

If you’ve been in a situation where you had the opportunity to try drugs and didn’t, the chances are that you have something of great value:  a high self-esteem.  A high self-esteem is something a lot of teens struggle to get.  The ability to feel confident enough about yourself to know what choices are good and bad is going to get you a long way.  Teens with low self-esteem and issues with self-acceptance have been shown to use drugs, and drug use in itself can contribute to low self-esteem.

Help Others Stay Off Drugs

In the case of teens using drugs, peer influence isn’t always a bad thing.  Help your friends avoid drugs by being a positive influence.  Be there for them when they’re down.  Join them in trying new things and getting new experiences that have nothing to do with substance abuse.  Be encouraging when they need it.  When it comes to drugs, tell them what you do to avoid them. Keep going and thanks for being such a positive influence!

Enjoy the turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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