American Academy of Pediatrics Announces Recommendations for Teen Drug Testing

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released a policy statement that offered new guidelines regarding drug testing in teens. Of course, parents never want to have to think about testing their teens for drugs, but the teenage years are a common time for experimentation, including experimenting with drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Therefore, there are some situations that call for teen drug testing. However, before revealing those reasons, understanding how each test is best utilized is wise.

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Types of teen drug testing:

The most commonly used form of teen drug testing is urine testing. However, there are other ways to test for drugs and other abusive substance. Read below for the complete list:

  • Hair:

A hair test is an extremely accurate way to test for drugs that have been in the system for a long period of time. Hair testing works because metabolites and drugs are incorporated into the hair over time. The downside of this test is the fact that drugs that are consumed within the previous seven to 10 days will not show up. Therefore, this teen drug testing method works best on those who are frequent drug users.

  • Sweat and saliva:

Testing saliva and sweat are an easy way to detect alcohol in addition to any other drug ingested within the previous two to 12 hours. This type of test rivals the accuracy of blood testing without being as invasive.

  • Breath:

The breath test is utilized to reveal tobacco and alcohol use. This test is noninvasive and causes no discomfort. Breath testing is a quick way to determine if there has been very recent alcohol or tobacco use by your teen.

  • Blood:

Blood tests are very accurate tests that can reveal alcohol usage within the previous two to 12 hours. However, it is a more intrusive test than the other forms mentioned above.

  • Urine:

The urine test is by far the most commonly utilized test to detect drugs or alcohol use. In fact, according to recent studies, 90 percent of all pediatricians and family doctors recommended urine tests as the preferred method of teen drug testing. Urine tests can be problematic though due to the fact that they are highly susceptible to tampering and are somewhat invasive. However, this is only an issue if you are using an inexperienced or unreliable drug testing service. Test Smartly Labs has measures in place to prevent cheating on a urine test.

Reasons for teen drug testing:
There are many reasons that parents or doctors might wish to test children or teens for drugs or alcohol. One such situation is an emergency, such as an attempted suicide or a car accident. A teen coming to the doctor with a variety of nonspecific symptoms is another reason a drug test could be implemented. The AAP committee offered helpful guidelines for pediatricians in regards to interpreting these tests. It also explains the potentials for false negatives and positives. You can read about it here.

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