Adolescent Alcohol Use & Chronic Stress

Adolescent alcohol use and chronic stress go hand in hand. That’s what researchers at Binghamton University discovered during one of their recent studies. The National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse funded the research headed by Linda Spear, a psychologist at the University. What she found while testing on rats was alarming.

Read on to find out the connection between stress and alcohol use for adolescents!

Links Between Stress & Teen Alcohol Use

During the study, when the animals were exposed to a stressor, their reaction showed a large hormone stress response. They eventually adapt to the stress over time.

Humans, however, produce excess cortisol when stressed because it’s part of the body’s natural defense mechanism, fight or flight.

Following adolescent alcohol exposure, adults do not show an adaptation to hormonal stress leading researchers to believe that teenagers will be vulnerable to chronic stress later on in life.

Why Do Teens Abuse Alcohol?

Adolescents state different reasons for alcohol use and alcohol abuse. Stress-related situations at home and school often lead teenagers to drink. Some do it to fit in with their peers. Others drink to deal with societal pressures to perform excellently, look great, and make some sort of name for themselves.

Impacts of Alcohol Use

Teenagers feel the weight of their decisions by experiencing greater amounts of stress as adults. Their alcohol use and alcohol abuse have long-term effects on their health and mental well-being. Alcoholism can cost them relationships, jobs, and opportunities. More importantly,alcohol use and alcohol abuse can cost them their lives.

Stop Teen Alcohol Abuse

Addressing the long-term effects of adolescent alcohol use and alcohol abuse is among the first steps in preventing it from happening. Education emphasizing the dangers of alcohol and chronic stress can help steer young people away from the bottle and into a direction that allows them to deal with challenges healthily. It is important for people with authoritative roles to provide young people with resources that help them say no to alcohol use and alcohol abuse as it is one of the ways to prevent alcoholism and chronic stress in adults.

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