A Case for Drug Testing

Anyone else catch CNN’s news feed last week on Twitter? A Florida elementary school principal was busted for drug use. And we’re not talking about having a little weed in his car. After he provided an undercover agent with drugs, authorities later busted him for meth and marijuana, among other drugs and paraphernalia.

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Drugs in the Schools

The report does say the educator was arrested at his home, and not the school. Whew, at least that’s one positive that comes out of this story. However it opens up a concerning window into the drug use of our country. No industry (even education) is free from drug use. And those who are overseeing our children and teens are not exempt. As a parent, my concern is the example set by this principal. A teen standing by might wonder, “If drugs were OK for him, maybe they’re OK for me.” It’s definitely worth a conversation with your teen to discuss the principal’s poor choices AND the consequences he is facing because of them.

Drug Testing for Teens & Adults

Upon hearing this story, it made me feel many things but one of the strongest is the need for drug testing. I don’t know if the other teachers in the building suspected this principal’s drug use, however a routine drug test at the beginning of each school year should have brought his addiction to light. It might have seemed more affordable to only test employees upon hire, however this story makes the case for routine drug testing, even for teachers.

An unlikely individual was caught with drugs. Few would have guessed an elementary school principal would be involved in meth and marijuana. However what happened here isn’t uncommon – especially among parents and teens. Many parents have no idea their teens are involved in marijuana, synthetic drugs and more. It may not take a sting operation to “bust” your teenager, however take a lesson from Florida authorities and teachers – and don’t always assume nothing is going on.

If you suspect your teen is using drugs, send him or her for a drug test.

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